AR Solutions for Remote Audits and Virtual Tours

Written by Xenvis

On July 8, 2021

PMAC ensures business continuity through Augmented Reality


Precision Machine & Auto Components (P) Ltd (PMAC) caters to a wide range of OEMs like Earth Moving, Tractor & Farm, Industrial Valves, Locomotives, Compressors, Plastic Molding Machine, and Wind Mill etc. With a stellar record of producing high quality products, PMAC is regarded as one of the most trusted and preferred companies in India and in the international markets by the above industries. They also have in-house tools for making the design of fixtures and a highly knowledgeable tooling department for the selection of the right tooling for machining of the components.

At one of their facilities in Chennai, PMAC has deployed XENVIS’ Augmented Reality Solution for Remote Assistance for clients as well as internal virtual audits. For the inspection of components in the manufacturing plants of PMAC, clients needed a solution to ensure the work flow and monitor the progress.  PMAC is able to maintain business continuity by implementing the solution for client virtual tours as well as remote audits.


Business Problem:

The main problem faced by PMAC was with final testing and inspection of components as it should be carried out in the presence of their clients. Further, for marketing purposes PMAC invites the clients to their manufacturing plants to see the high precision machines they manufacture. This couldn’t be done as their clients were not able to travel due to COVID restrictions and this hampered delivery schedules and commitments. For these problems, they needed a solution to ensure safety and business continuity.



XENVIS provided a solution which enabled PMAC to provide their clients with the ability to carry out remote inspections and testing. The XENVIS solution also enabled PMAC to carry out interactive meetings by introducing equipment, working principle and demos to clients from different parts of the world. The solution consists of a pair of Augmented Reality (AR) glasses and conferencing AR software platforms. The solution establishes a two-way live audio & video connection between the PMAC technician and clients. The technician wears the AR glasses, demonstrates the machine and equipment in a complete hands-free manner. Clients login into the software platform and experience the first person view of the machine and its components in real-time on their individual devices (laptops/tablets/smart phones) and can interact with the technician using AR annotations to carry out remote audits, ask questions and clarify doubts. The entire online session is recorded on the software platform and is saved for later viewing.

PMAC Testimonial:

“Post COVID most of our clients could not travel / visit our shop. We had certain components which we manufacture which needs final testing and this had to be witnessed or checked by client at a certain frequency. Also as a part of marketing exercise we invite clients to our shop to see the set of high precision machines which was also hampered. So it was a case of present and future client base which was getting affected. Hence we had to go in for a solution.

It has provided my clients with an alternate to travel. It has helped my client in Business continuity which is a win-win for my client and for PMAC. Customers can view work progressing at PMAC’s Plant from the comfort of their offices while PMAC technicians wear the smart glass at work, offering a virtual tour of the work process; even audits can be conducted virtually. This technology is more reliable compared to traditional cameras which does not simulate the ground conditions as well as AR does. Smart glass keeps the background completely visible as per transparency settings.

Digital upgradation is what is going to take companies forward, there is no alternative to that. It is “the” differentiator. We are happy at PMAC that we chose a solution which is in with the current trend and has been helping us in Business continuity and client satisfaction. We are also happy with the overall experience in the product and service. We can gladly recommend this solution.”

– Gautham Prabhakar, Head Marketing International, PMAC


About Xenvis:

Xenvis is a MEHER company ( that provides Augmented Reality solutions to make business processes more efficient, improve operational efficiency and thereby reduce operating cost and improve profitability. We offer cloud-hosted solutions, that include complete suite of hardware and software platforms that are ready to be deployed on day one. The solutions are targeted towards addressing a host of challenges involved with remote assistance, logistics handling, remote health management, security and live media streaming. Our solutions can fit into various horizontal use cases such as remote assistance, training, audit and security across vertical markets such as Industry, Logistics, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Telco, Construction, Automotive, Aviation, Defense and Tourism.




Precision Machine & Auto Components (P) Ltd, Chennai. (PMAC)


Mechanical / Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing

AR Solution Provider

Xenvis Solutions

Use Case

Remote Audits and Virtual Tours


  • Business continuity
  • Client interaction, product verification and virtual tours
  • Virtual audits with the help of workers on site

AR Solution


  • Epson BT-350 Smart Glasses

Software Platform

  • XENVIS AR Platform

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