How the Automotive Industry Benefits through Augmented Reality

Written by Xenvis

On August 3, 2020

The Augmented Reality software by Xenvis has extensive practical application in the automotive industry. This Augmented Reality software can be used by automobile manufacturers on the assembly line to increase the efficiency of production, to enable quick troubleshooting at service centers and can also be deployed at showroom outlets to help customers to choose their vehicles.


  • Increase Efficiency of Operations – AR solutions can be deployed for use cases such as Remote Assistance, Remote Inspection, Remote Training, Guided Workflows and Inventory Management to increase the efficiency of operations, cut costs, reduce manual errors and lower carbon footprint.
  • Faster after sales service and easier maintenance – As AR offers contextual guidance it can thus make individual work steps simpler. It can provide valuable help to mechanics in workshops to troubleshoot issues quickly and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Development of new products and Planning of production plants – The prospect of combining reality with digital content makes it easy to design new models in the automotive engineering industry. AR makes it possible to display different shapes, colors and designs – and make changes to view the results. While planning the capacities of production a lot of time and money could be saved by the effective integration of Augmented Reality. The production processes and the material flows could well be stimulated and optimised virtually.

The digital manuals of Augmented Reality allow the users to self maintain a car even if they have no understanding about these vehicles. In the automotive industry AR technology combines the real world with relevant digital content – It provides ample efficiency as well as new possibilities in every area of operations. Automobile designers are presented with promising opportunities in almost all areas to make their businesses more cost effective and efficient.

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