AR Integrated Education And Training

Written by Xenvis

On August 1, 2020

Xenvis is an Augmented Reality Solutions company whose services span several fields. Augmented Reality although not a new technology is becoming more and more prevalent in the fields of education and training. Augmented Reality in education and training has gained momentum through AR glasses and mobile tablets.

Augmented Reality applications have now made it possible to provide far more authentic and high quality education. It engages the learners in a number of unique ways that weren’t possible before. Today students can carve their own unique discovery path via real life immersive simulations.

Manufacturers can leverage Augmented Reality to train employees on new equipment and procedures, preventing errors, accidents or equipment damage. Using visual elements, businesses can combine classroom and on-the-job training thereby offering an engaging environment for employees to learn, acquire and safely practice new skills. This allows for quick and effective training, which can also be imparted remotely.

Augmented reality in education and training fosters active training both in physical as well as psychological sense. Since the physical models and prototypes are too expensive for every student to possess, augmented reality provides students with the opportunity to access models from any device at any time.


Benefits of AR in education and training

  • Makes learning interesting for students – AR is nowadays used in schools, universities and training institutes as a platform for teaching students in an interactive manner. 
  • Helps in visualising complex concepts – Some concepts depicted in textbooks are quite hard to understand. Through Augmented Reality, students can learn about concepts through visualisation and overlay of interactive digital content on top of the real world.

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