Real World Applications of Augmented Reality Solutions

Written by Xenvis

On August 11, 2020

Augmented Reality solutions can be a complete game changer for industries as they transform the existing tedious methods into simpler ones. Xenvis is helping businesses to come up with unique digital operational and marketing strategies through the best Augmented Reality software. Augmented Reality plays a pivotal role as it changes the way we perceive things. It simulates a real life environment while creating a completely immersive user experience.

Xenvis develops advanced Augmented Reality software for diverse business requirements and offers innovative complete AR solutions including hardware, software and support. Xenvis Augmented Reality solutions have a great potential for creating the finest experiences across multiple industry verticals and diverse platforms. The solutions are targeted towards addressing a host of real world challenges involved with remote assistance, logistics handling, remote health management, security and live media streaming. Xenvis solutions can fit into various horizontal use cases such as training, remote assistance, security and safety across vertical markets such as Industry, Logistics, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Telco, Construction, Automotive, Aviation, Defense and Tourism.


Real world examples of Augmented Reality solutions:


  • Remote troubleshooting and inspection in manufacturing
  • Visual AR guided workflows to increase efficiency of operations
  • Logistics handling and real-time inventory using AR
  • Education and Training by enabling “Virtual Labs” in Schools, Universities and Technical Training Institutes
  • AR assisted Telehealth check-ups in hospitals, clinics and mobile medical units in urban and rural areas
  • AR product launches and advertising to display digital content on top of the real world


The growth and acceptance of AR applications over the years in the consumer space has come from gaming and also from solutions that allow customers to visualise the products and imagine what it might feel like to own the product or experience the service even before purchasing it. The demand and investment in augmented reality solution providers is on the increase since the technology is becoming more sophisticated as well as cost saving.

Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are collectively called Extented Reality (XR) and these visualisation technologies are gaining significant attention as organisations are exploring the business relevance and the role it can play in workforce enablement, interaction as well as customer experience. Extended Reality is projected to become an economic driver for the tech industry.

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