Smart Glasses


With in-built audio, video features, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity


Heads-up display enables hands-free usage


We offer Smart Glasses from Epson, Realwear, Vuzix and Microsoft

AR Software Platform


Complete AR Software Platform including infrastructure to store content on premises or on the cloud

Customisation Services


Customised to customer environment



Remote Assistance

The Xenvis Remote Assistance Solution provides a hands-free way of communication and allows for quick response, inspections and cost effective problem solving. It enables easy digital documentation of records and compilation of cases.

Training & Skilling

The Xenvis Training Solution provides a hands-free way of training unskilled personnel by using visualisation techniques and allowing experts to guide & oversee hands-on training from any location.

Logistics & Warehousing

Our Warehousing Solution enables easier input of inventory, pick-list to dispatch procedure, inventory checks and can be integrated with ERP for more effective management of inventory.



The Xenvis solution that enables “personal touch” to doctor-patient interaction during remote patient care and allows trained personnel on the spot to examine patients by following instructions of expert doctors.

Live Surgery

Our solution allows specialist doctors at remote locations to get a first person view of surgeries in real time and speak to surgeons, with continuous visibility into patient’s vital stats.

Medical Education

A solution that enables students to better understand concepts by getting a clear first person view of medical procedures. Saved data can be accessed by students at any time and place.



A hands-free solution that enables law enforcement personnel and private security personnel to observe and record the surroundings in order to secure locations and provide a higher level of security.


Hands-free solution with features such as facial recognition, vehicle license plate recognition, real-time language translation and access to back-end records to help security personnel identify a person of interest.


Increased Productivity

Cost Reduction

Customer Satisfaction

Reduced Carbon footprint


Client Focused

We put our best efforts to understand the industry type and customise our solutions to fit the use-case


Complete AR Solutions

Our solutions include hardware, software, support and training

Best Value Proposition

We have our in-house products and have partnered with world class hardware and software providers to provide complete solutions targeted to benefit vast industries


Xenvis services key customers across various sectors. We have delivered Augmented Reality solutions and products to Bajaj Auto, Siemens, BPCL, NTTF, Panacea Biotec Pharma, RCCPL, Clearpack Automation, Tenova Delkor and many more.

Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF)


“We at NTTF are very satisfied with the use of Realwear Glass application from XENVIS. It really adds tremendous value in distant learning to give learners a real time learning exposure. This has helped us to maximise our equipment and resource utilisation with out compromising on content delivery. Its versatility to adapt to different platforms like MS teams and zoom make it very easy to operate and work with.”

- B.V. Sudharshan | Dy. Managing Director

Precision Equipments Chennai Private Limited (PECPL)


“We use the Xenvis AR solution for Virtual Tour and Inspection. By using the solution, we avoided direct visits by our clients and other party vendors. Overall support is good and recommended.”

- B.Prabhu | Director

Precision Machines and Auto Components (PMAC)


“Post COVID most of our clients could not travel / visit our shop. We had certain components which we manufacture which needs final testing and this had to be witnessed or checked by client at a certain frequency. Also as a part of marketing exercise we invite clients to our shop to see the set of high precision machines which was also hampered. So it was a case of present and future client base which was getting affected.

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Hence we had to go in for a solution. It has provided my clients with an alternate to travel. It has helped my client in Business continuity which is a win-win for my client and for PMAC. Customers can view work progressing at PMAC’s Plant from the comfort of their offices while PMAC technicians wear the smart glass at work, offering a virtual tour of the work process; even audits can be conducted virtually. This technology is more reliable compared to traditional cameras which does not simulate the ground conditions as well as AR does. Smart glass keeps the background completely visible as per transparency settings.

Digital upgradation is what is going to take companies forward, there is no alternative to that. It is “the” differentiator. We are happy at PMAC that we chose a solution which is in with the current trend and has been helping us in Business continuity and client satisfaction. We are also happy with the overall experience in the product and service. We can gladly recommend this solution."

- Gautham Prabhakar | Head Marketing International