The Benefits of AR Remote Assistance Software

Written by Xenvis

On August 11, 2020

Businesses are always looking to improve their efficiency and grow. In today’s world where technology plays a key role in enabling the businesses to run their operations smoothly, Xenvis offers AR Solutions to enable Remote Support to help business organisations reach their full potential.

The Remote Assistance Solution can be used for two primary use cases : remote troubleshooting and remote inspection.

It enables businesses to provide remote support and maintenance to offsite assets. This remote assistance software establishes an instant connection between experts and field technicians irrespective of their geographical locations in order to promptly troubleshoot and resolve the issue. This is a cost effective solution and enables secure, reliable and quick assistance.

The solution also helps businesses to enable remote inspection of equipment and systems (in the case of factory acceptance tests, audits, etc) and virtual factory visits.


Benefits of Remote Assistance Solution:

The remote assistance solution offered by Xenvis can help your business in the following ways:


  • Instant support – The most crucial aspect of adopting this software is the capacity to provide instant support. Your team of technicians can quickly provide technical support to the customers and employees on demand. It demands no complex installation or set up operations for the end users to perform. Remote support can be performed on any device at any location.
  • Reduce cost – By having access to the enterprise remote support software, technicians can work effectively with the guidance of experts from any any location. The solution eliminates the cost of travel and leads to faster resolution of issues. It also saves time taken to travel to the on-site location.
  • Proactive system maintenance – For corporations with maintenance contracts, this is quite an efficient solution for monitoring the equipment or systems of clients. With the help of remote assistance you can easily have visibility into their systems to check the status and resolve any issues. This leads to increased customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient inspections – The Remote Assistance solution can be used to enable remote inspections as a service to customers. The solution can be used by auditing and certification organisations to remotely carry out inspections, thereby reducing costs and increasing the productivity of inspectors. Virtual factory and site visits can also be enabled.


Whether you are a corporation streamlining your internal technical support or a service provider searching for the latest technology operational tools, Xenvis offers a great deal of solutions through enterprise remote support software.

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