Use of AR in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry

Written by Xenvis

On July 16, 2021


Modern healthcare is being remapped by the advancements in Augmented Reality (AR)
elevating healthcare delivery to a threshold of a futuristic world. The advantages are endless as diagnoses are accelerated, time-to-care is reduced, health is remotely managed enabling
personalised and improved outcomes. Using AR in the medical field aids in better critical patient care, long term treatment and recovery, thereby increasing the productivity of healthcare professionals.

Imagine use cases where the real and digital worlds blend in such a way that the user’s
capabilities are augmented by the use of visual technology.

In the case of medical education and training – the use of AR can help to improve the skills and knowledge of students. AR can also play a significant role in healthcare delivery by creating highly powerful and immersive simulated environments. These environments help the patients to be treated in a way that is not possible both physically and psychologically. AR can create any simulation based on the patient’s history and previous treatment methods and choose the best possible one. Studies show that AR can be used in treatments to help autistic children, curb memory loss, dementia and many other conditions.

R&D in the field of medical science with AR is showing revolutionary results. These innovations are mainly focused in providing rapid and superior care at lower costs by deploying AR before, during and after procedures. Moreover, it addresses the problem of skill shortage, improves care coordination and expands accessibility. AR is also being used by Pharmaceutical companies to increase productivity, reduce operational costs and minimise errors.

In these unprecedented times, AR can bring experts all around the world to help in widespread knowledge sharing as well as continuous learning.

Our customers in the Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Industry are using our AR Platform for the following use cases :

● Remote Health Management
● Remote Learning (Clinical Training & Patient Education)
● Visual based treatments for special medical conditions
● Virtual Audits
● Emergency Medical Care
● Remote Assistance for Medical Equipment Maintenance



About Xenvis:

Xenvis is a MEHER company ( that provides Augmented Reality solutions to make business processes more efficient, improve operational efficiency and thereby reduce operating cost and improve profitability. We offer cloud-hosted solutions, that include complete suite of hardware and software platforms that are ready to be deployed on day one. The solutions are targeted towards addressing a host of challenges involved with remote assistance, logistics handling, remote health management, security and live media streaming. Our solutions can fit into various horizontal use cases such as remote assistance, training, audit and security across vertical markets such as Industry, Logistics, Energy, Education, Healthcare, Telco, Construction, Automotive, Aviation, Defense and Tourism.



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